COVERAGE: Art in the Streets Artist Opening @ MOCA

Posted on April 15, 2011
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Just a glimpse of the massive space housing thousands of street pieces at the MOCA

I really can’t say enough about MOCA’s Art in the Streets other than you must go see it for yourself. Not only was last night’s artist opening a celebration of the decades of hard work and millions of used up spray cans, but it was also a celebration of camaraderie that was full of love knowing that they all got to the same place pulling together. In fact to me, last night really wasn’t about seeing the art as there’s really just too much to take in in one viewing, it was about seeing old friends and meeting new ones who have, in some form or fashion, been a part of a movement that has become bigger than any of us ever imagined. A bit more info here and many, many more photos to come when I’m actually able to walk through and properly appreciate the Art in the Streets.

Alsocheck easy Ed Templeton’s superior photos on his Toy Machine blog here.

(Click here or photos below to see more from MOCA’s Art in the Streets)

Yeah that’s right, I’m in the show too! I was honored to edit Craig Stecyck’s Luxuria for his installation

Getting a NYC earful from Lee Qiunones and my Beats, Rhymes & Life collaborator Mike Rapaport

Barry (TWIST) McGee, Stephen (ESPO) Powers and Todd (REAS) James’ Street Market

Street Market welcomes the obvious addition of Cafe Legs #5

One of the “products” sold at the Street Market bodega

(Click here or photos below to see more from MOCA’s Art in the Streets)

Everyone loves Banksy

Banksy is watching, always

One of my favorite art making couples, Ed and Deanna Templeton

An F-you photo taken by Ed Templeton

After art there’s food trucks…

with Craig Stecyck, Levi’s Christian Parks and my Beautiful Losers collaborator and Art in the Streets co-curator Aaron Rose

followed by some boob grabbing with co-curator Roger Gastman, Jessica Louise and Angelique Groh

(Click here or photos below to see more from MOCA’s Art in the Streets)

And with all due respect to the galleries with openings this week such as Jonathan LeVine, Giant Robot, Gallery 1988, Merry Karnowsky, M+B and Regen Projects, the only opening you should concern yourself with is the one happening at the MOCA Saturday night as there’s no other place to be other than seeing Art in the Streets.

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